Job Growth From LENR Technology

The Renewable Energy Association in the UK met in April of this year, and released major information about the employment figures surrounding renewable energy. This meeting took place just before the Clean Energy Ministerial Summit. Energy Minister Greg Barker made the opening report.

There was encouraging news at the REA meeting. For the first time, employment figures for all of the UK renewable energies industries were compiled. The results were encouraging. According to the report in Electrical Contracting News, $18.75 Billion USD was generated in the UK due to the renewable energy industries.

This is further assurance that LENR technology will step into a very viable marketplace, providing more jobs and benefitting the economy. While the nickel/hydrogen reactor is not a renewable resource, it is a powerful alternative to fossil fuels.

The renewable energy industry also, at this time provides 110,000 jobs, again in the UK, with a projected 400,000 needed by 2020. In addition, the renewable energy market grew by 11% from 2009 to 2010. Overall economic growth for the UK for that same time period was only 1.4%. This means that even in dire economic times, significant growth of the energy sector is possible, especially for the options outside of the fossil fuel industry.

By 2020, energy alternatives to fossil fuels are projected to produce $90 billion USD by 2020, boosting the UK a much needed economic growth and changing the balance of trade.

The European Commission has also noted that one of the most important industries for potential job creation will be in green industries. Their estimation of projected employment numbers are even more generous than those of the REA; the EC anticipates the addition of 3 million jobs by 2020.

The REA urged governments in the UK to begin training their workforce in skills necessary to support renewable industries. The chief executive of REA, Gaynor Hartnell, pointed out that by using renewable energy, Britain could stop spending money on imports from other countries and keep their own money in their own country.

The Minister of State for Climate Change supported this idea, and stated that not only would the renewable energy industry reduce their reliance on imports and on other nations, it would generate billions of dollars for the economy and hundreds of thousands of jobs in Britain. The EU numbers will be even greater.

LENR technology, which is soon be available through Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, will significantly impact those numbers. The REA did not take into account nuclear fusion as part of its answer to fossil fuel imports. However, all along, supporters of LENR power have said that it would revolutionize the fuel industry and the economy, as well. While the EU is retraining its workforce to deal with the mechanisms of renewable fuels, it could also include training for the installation of E-Cat units, both in individual homes and networking them for industrial and government use.

Apparently, the EU is ready for this change. The stage is already set, and the show is in progress with renewable energy, so when Rossi begins selling his E-Cat domestically, there will be a market prepared to receive this alternative form of power.

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