Mass Production of the E-Cat Coming

As the world continues to consume energy, the energy supply continues to decline. In the U.S., fracking has already begun to extract hard-to-reach natural gas and oil from the ground. In some cases, the water table has become polluted.

Dr. Joseph Fine recently commented to Andrea Rossi about mass production of E-Cats, as a solution to the continuing trend to consume fossil fuels world over. On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Mr. Fine stated:

“As the inventor of this new Energy source you know the Industrial E-Cat and its cousin the Hot-Cat have to be made ready for mass production. The human efforts and material resources needed to develop the first 10 systems will need reinforcements to produce the first 10,000 systems and the first 100,000 systems etc. I hope I will find a way to help.”

Mr. Fine has touched upon a true stumbling block to world-wide use of E-Cat technology. There are simply not enough manufacturing plants in existence to provide the units already on order. Yes, the manufacture of E-Cats and Hot Cats all over the world will be a great employment opportunity, and boost economies of all participating companies, but that will take, in some cases, years to get rolling.

Still, Mr. Rossi is optimistic:

“…With the US Partner we are ready for a mass production in relatively short term.”

As recently pointed out in E-Cat World, even the manufacture of a hundred thousand plants would hardly make a dent in the needs for energy in the world. And, considering that that huge number of plants would take years to produce, it would appear that we still won’t have a disruptive technology.

This can play out to the advantage of E-Cat technology, though, because it can become widely used and ensconced in many countries and sites, proving its worth, as the manufacturing plants are built. Hopefully, the new partner in the U.S. is prepared to invest plenty of money in manufacturing.


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  1. I would not call 100 ecat units or even 10 units inconsequential.

    In reading various energy-related blogs (such as it seems as though much of the process of energy creation is creating a perception of possibilities. Today, there are plenty of energy companies exploring profitless methods of energy production. There are companies who are busily finding barrels of oil that cost as much energy to retrieve as they create. Companies are happily doing this because they know that their stock prices will triple if they can state that they are producing more oil than last year (regardless of how much it costs them to do it). If the ecat is perceived to be a real source of energy, then everything changes from that moment because every energy capitalist and investor is going to want to get in, and they will also want to pull their money out of “old” technologies.

    The perception of the ability to deliver energy is almost more important than the ability to deliver it.

  2. Very funny!
    Rossi is SOON to be mass producing ECATS that have NOT been
    Mass producing ECATS that do not work?
    What testing agency says they work?

  3. 100 000 eCats not making a dent? It’s 100 GW, FCS, more than all wind turbines in the world!

    • All wind turbine int he world don not make a dent in the world energy production.

  4. If ecats work as hoped then the number of producers will increase exponentially. A big producer in the US making more than he can sell will be opening other factories as fast as he can and he and Rossi will be selling blueprint to as many as want it. It is easy to sell a blueprint and so 1000s of producers will be up and running within a couple of years. As competition takes hold then some will be looking for lower cost units to fill more niches and more powerful units per £ until every niche is filled in about 5 to 7 years. It will be marvelously exciting to watch the world change.

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