New Plant On Its Way And Help For Children

Just a couple of days ago, Andrea Rossi had a short exchange with a poster on his blog, the Journal of Nuclear Physics concerning access to the E-Cat. Stefano proposed to Rossi that while the military customer that has a working 1 MW plant may not be forthcoming with information, perhaps Rossi could donate a unit to a charity, and invite them to share their views on the usefulness of the unit:

“You said people will be convinced only when operating machine will be functioning on the market. You also said that one system is already working but the costumer is military and this prevent many communications to the general public. Then I ask: why do you not give a 1Mw plant for free to a non-profit organization allowing to any potential costumer to ask them how they find the ecat? The costs will be easily compensayed by so many new costumers. “

Rossi replied:

“We already have set up our program to share the benefits of this technology with children who need more healthcare. We cannot give away the IP, though, of obvious reasons. Anyway a non military plant is on his way, as I said.”

The IP, or intellectual property Rossi speaks of is one of the reasons we have so little information about the E-Cat and Hot Cat. While it may seem to be a good idea to give away a unit to help the needy, it would provide an opportunity for unscrupulous individuals to copy the technology. The good news in Rossi’s reply, however, is twofold. One is that Leonardo Corp. has evidently might have set up some kind of charitable situation for medical care. The other piece of good news is that the plans are to deliver a 1 MW plant still in the works. Of course, we’re all still looking forward to a publicly available visit to any of the running plants.

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