Production Assignments For The E-Cat

In the past, Andrea Rossi has said that the Leonardo Corp. will produce the core for E-Cats, and have a manufacturing plant produce the E-Cat plants. However, there have been some changes to those plans since the Leonardo Corp. has taken on a partner.

Robert Tanhaus asked Mr. Rossi some questions about this on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. He commented:

“Earlier you said, that Leonardo Corp. will produce the core and others will produce the e-cats. …I guess, that has changed now with your new partner and he will produce them?”

Mr. Rossi’s response was yes, the new partner will now produce the E-Cats. In fact, this was one of the more exciting aspects to the acquisition of a wealthy partner, because now Mr. Rossi can oversee the actual manufacture of his units from the ground up. Hopefully, this new partner has enough assets to be able to build sufficient manufacturing plants to keep up with demand.

Tanhaus also asked about the projected life expectancy of the E-Cat. His primary interest was concerning the core structure itself, not the fuel canister. Mr. Rossi replied:

“We consider 20-30 years.”

In addition, there is a hint of more news to come with the third question. Tanhaus asked:

“Have you made enhancements to the warm cat lately you can speak about? (faster to high temp; smoother heating characteristics…)”

Mr. Rossi gave a short response with, “yes.”

So, now, speculation can abound once again. There are changes in the E-Cat that Mr. Rossi can talk about, but he hasn’t, yet. Does the E-Cat now reach its highest temperature sooner than ever? Has the COP increased even more? As the next few weeks pass, perhaps different posters on the forum will be able to elicit the information from the overworked Rossi, who stays working with head down and elbows up, developing and refining his E-Cats.

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  1. Rossi also stated that he is closer to the development of hot ecats that could be used to generate electricity by producing steam to operate a turbine. Rossi also claimed that the hot ecat will be first be installed and presumably tested in the United States. He did not say where in the USA it would be installed or who would test it.

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