Projected Weight Of The 1MW Hot Cat

We have had a pretty good estimate of the size of a 1MW Hot Cat. Recently, on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Mark Saker asked Andrea Rossi about the approximate weight of the unit. He was speculating that a trip to Mars would require roughly 200 MW, and was wondering if a series of Hot Cats could be used in that application.

Rossi replied that he hopes the Hot Cat will only weigh about a ton, and will be happy with that weight. Therefore, he apparently won’t make it a priority to lessen the weight of the unit. He also said that the unit is about 2 meters long, 1 meter high, and 1 meter wide. All of these measurements, of course, are dependent on the finalized version that is certified. He added:

“These dimensions will enclose the primary fluid ready to go to the heat exchanger to heat the secondary circuit’s fluid. That’s what I hope…”

Then, he made a really good parallel to demonstrate the efforts he and his team are making:

“…we are working like Americans in the Navy’s factories in the year 1942, after Pearl Harbour.”

This mental image of the determination, commitment, drive, and loyalty expended on the part of Rossi and his teams is inspiring. We wish them luck as they continue to refine, even as they manufacture, the Hot Cat.

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