Rossi Confirms Gas Ignition of E-Cat

In response to a comment on his Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi informed readers of a significant development in his 1 MW Hot Cat. Up until now, the Hot Cat drive is initiated and periodically boosted with energy from electricity. While this is just fine, it has limited the Hot Cat applications to areas which have electricity, or that have electrical generators to supply the power to start the reaction.

But just a couple of days ago, on August 10, Rossi said they were able to make the drive work with gas, rather than electricity.  He says:

“Another important achievement, we got today: we are able, now, to make the drive with gas instead of electric power. This is extremely important, because now we are able to make the thermal energy with thermal energy, and with the thermal energy produced we can make electric power. All this with 1 MW plants.”

In addition, Rossi says that his 1 MW plant is close to producing temperatures that rival those of the Hot Cat. Once this happens, it, too, will be capable of producing electric power. These are the plants purchased by the anonymous military customer, who bought the first one demonstrated, and then went on to order 12 more.


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