Smaller E-Cat Units Are Safer

At the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi has constantly been answering many inquiries about the possibility of producing larger E-Cat units. Rather than making a 1 MW reactor out of 100 10 kW reactors, why can’t he simply make one 1 MW reactor?

Mr. Rossi has said repeatedly that there is no need for this change. For one thing, he says the smaller units are safer than a large unit would be. Stable operation is far more likely with the smaller units.

According to Steven Karels, a frequent poster on the JONP:

“Apparently, there is a limitation in this technology stated in terms of safety and stability that limits the reactor (module) size.”

Andrea Rossi has said that the technology can be scaled down, bringing about hopes of small units capable of powering personal vehicles in the future. However, as pointed out by Mr. Karels, Mr. Rossi has never said the technology could be scaled to a larger size.

Mr. Karels also points out that, with a group of 100, 10 kW reactors making up the 1 MW  system, it will be much easier to tailor the supply of power to demand. The operators can shut down a bank of E-Cats if the power demand is lower, and start them up in anticipation of peak consumption times.

The issue of dissipation of power is also interesting. According to Mr. Karels’ estimates, he suggests that the ability of a larger unit may be squared in terms of dissipating power, but the production of power would be cubed. This could present some serious safety problems, possibly causing a breakdown of the entire unit.

For more power generation, the 1 MW units can be coupled, even to the point of forming a 1 GW plant. This would still be smaller than a regular power plant that operates on fossil fuels. It will also take up far less real estate than the acreage necessary for wind or solar power to an equal degree.

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