The Number of Modules in the E-Cat

With excitement high concerning the upcoming announcement about the Leonardo Corp., other questions still flood the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Andrea Rossi’s blog is a constant source of bits of information about the processes of development of the E-Cat. Dr. Joseph Fine is a frequent poster to the blog, and he recently asked Rossi how many E-Cat modules are used to build a 1 MW Hot Cat unit. His estimate was between 90 and 100 modules to form the full 1 MW unit.

Rossi’s response was:

“The Hot Cat will have 72 modules and the whole generator will stay in 1 cubic meter of volume.”

That is much smaller than the units build in shipping containers. One square meter is quite a bit smaller than a shipping container. What Rossi describes is about the size of a large condensing unit that you would find on a commercial building. That is a remarkable change from just a few short months ago.

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