Third Party Validation For The Hot Cat

Andrea Rossi made an exciting announcement on his Journal of Nuclear Physics. He  confirmed that the Hot Cat passed independent validation. In addition, he revealed that the Hot Cat had also passed validation on July 16th of this year. Here is his statement:

“To Whom it may interest:

After the validation fo the Hot Cat made on July 16th we made today another Third Party Validation, with the Certificator: the results have been the same of the test made on July 16th. The power of the Hot Cat is 10kW. The maximum temperature we reached has been 1200 C. Of this validation will be made an independent report which will be published soon. This test has been performed in the Product Validation Process that we have asked after the Safety Certification. This test has been directed by an independent Nuclear Engineer who is leading the certification process of the industrial plants. We are extremely enthusiast of the work of today, because is the second time we get a third party validation in a month, getting the same results.”

This is, indeed, exciting news to those who have been following the development of the E-Cat. The nuclear engineer who did the certification test on the 7th is also the one working on certification of the industrial plant, one of which is already in operation. The industrial plants are in production at this time, with 13 more on order. Rossi does not name the nuclear engineer who is overseeing the certification of the industrial-Cat and the Hot Cat, which is probably to the advantage of the certifier who would be undoubtedly inundated with attention and questions.

Rossi has said all along that once the industrial-Cat is certified, it will pave the way for the domestic-Cat to pass certification, as the processes will be proven and the safety and operation will be an established fact. The possibility that, within just a few years, we could have Hot Cats powering our power plants boggles the imagination. Let’s hope that these successes continue. Hopefully, Rossi shared this information with Martin Fleischmann before he passed away a few days ago. Knowledge that his earlier work has been vindicated would certainly be a slave to his soul.

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  1. Way to go Rossi!

  2. Cars and trucks can also use this power.

    The ecat can be used to steam power a generator in a car which can then power a battery that can provide power and start-up ecat power.

    Now cars can convert to electricity, although since it is power generation instead of battery only we can have much, much larger cars/trucks/motorhomes/ships/airplanes/blimps that can easily be powered by this.

    Many people may not wish complete electrical conversions for their vehicle and there will be a market for on board hydrogen generation done with ecat electricity.

    Some people think steam powered cars will even make a come back, however they would be at least a decade in the making.

    It would be possible for Andrea Rossi to attach one of these to a trailer with a generator and tow it for months and months with no addition of fuel in a currently licensed electric car. This could be a publicity stunt, although I doubt publicity will be needed once this tech unveils by Andrea Rossi or another entity that is in this patent race.

    600 million less smog producing cars/trucks on our planet within the next 8 years (I said 10 years – 2 years ago).

    Sell your sailboats now as there will be no need to use wind power. Even if you are an enthusiast. Sell now and buy it, or a better one back next year.

    Sell your small cars as well.. Nobody will want a tiny thing next year.

    Sell all your solar power/wind power stocks and supplies, as they will be worth little soon.

    You’ve been warned.

  3. My suspicion is that the industrialized world simply isn’t ready for a portable or domestic e-cat. Instead, licensing industrial e-cats that can replace coal and natural gas fired boilers in existing power plants will be stage one. I’d kill for a portable LENR generator to hook up to my house, so I can be free of the grid, but of everyone suddenly leaving the grid would be catastrophic to an industrialized country’s economy.

    Here in Minnesota, a big coal-fired power plant just closed because they couldn’t afford to upgrade their pollution control equipment. I predict that soon they will instead upgrade to LENR. Second generation LENR will probably be domestic and portable.

  4. Is it finally here?

    I’m looking forward to verifiable results that will end the long stream of unsubstantiated claims.

    The future is upon us!

  5. You mean sail boat will become cheap? That’s the best news I ever got!

  6. So far, Rossi has not offered any proof. I look forward to seeing the validation report in September and hope that it’s not a “bait and switch” like the October 2011 was. Unless the independent 3rd party validator is truly independent (and we know who he/she/it is), the report will be nothing more than an advertisement dressed up to look like a report.

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