E-Cat Manufacturing Plants

There have been quite a few questions about manufacturing plants for Andrea Rossi’s E-Cats and Hot Cats. We know that there will be an R&D department in Italy, and that at least the first factory is in the United States.

Mr. Rossi recently informed readers of his blog, Journal of Nuclear Physics, that there is also a programming and manufacturing center in Sweden. This makes a little more sense, since Sweden was originally one of the designated countries for manufacturing plants. As R&D continued on the E-Cat, the target countries for manufacturing plants came into question as many people expected Italy to corner the market on such plants. All along, it was said that development and manufacture of the E-Cat would take place in Italy, Sweden, and the U.S.

However, the University of Bologna and some members of the Italian government denied that there was any intention of building these plants in Italy, and the University denied involvement with such plans. Soon afterward, it became clear that Mr. Rossi would no longer plan to build manufacturing plants in his native country, disappointing many Italians who had hoped for the boost to the job market in that country. He does maintain his R&D department in association with the University, involving an Italian workforce to some degree.

Then, when Mr. Rossi took on his U.S. partner, many people assumed that manufacturing plants would now be limited to the U.S. It was soon made clear that the first manufacturing plant would be built in the U.S., with the R&D in Italy. We now know, from Mr. Rossi’s own words, that Sweden is still involved in the manufacture of his devices.

We don’t know if the two manufacturing plants have access to Mr. Rossi’s IP or if the workers are just following assembly line instructions, as suggested by a commenter known as Brian on the JONP.

Secrecy is still the word of the day concerning manufacturing and R&D. Mr. Rossi said that photos and more detailed information are still confidential.

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