Rossi: Only 1MW Plants Available At This Time

The Hot Cats and “Warm” Cats manufactured by Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corp,  and their U.S. partner, are available in 1 MW plants. The first one that will be open to the public is, in fact, due to be delivered. Several industrial E-Cats are said to have been ordered, with some delivered to their anonymous new owners, but the 1st unit will be available for viewing, once it is up and running. It is expected that observations will be limited to selected individuals, scientists, and press.

The 1 MW plant, however, is a bit of overkill for some applications. Since the domestic E-Cat is on hold, potential customers who would normally be interested in this technology could, conceivably, adapt the industrial units to their own needs. One poster on the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently asked Mr. Rossi if it would be possible to purchase just one of the 10KW warm cats that are banked together to make up the larger 1 MW. This does sound like a great solution, and a way to get around the delay on domestic E-Cats.

However, Mr. Rossi said that they are only selling the larger 1 MW plants. However, with the tenaciousness of the many people following the development of LENR technology,  who’s to say that some of them won’t band together and purchase an industrial unit and work their own magic. However, this is probably far in the future, as the technology, new at this time, will only be sold to approved customers. It will take time to get the manufacture of the plants to a point where the units are sold to anyone who wants one.

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    Frank Znidarsic

  2. Rossi claimed, on his website, that the 1MW units were available for sale over a year ago (January, 2012), with a 4-month delivery date (i.e. May, 2012).

    There is still no sign that anyone has actually purchased, yet alone received, an E-Cat.

    Rossi also promised, back in November 2011, to release the name of a customer. He still hasn’t done so.

    Since this is just another “Rossi Says”, why would anyone still believe him?

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