A World Of LENR Devices

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LENR is believed to be the potential catalyst for a brighter future: a future of clean energy, free of global warming, cities covered in clean air, instead of smog, cars that don’t need refueling, non-oil economies flourishing, clean water available to citizens worldwide and so on.

Of course, how much of these are going to be possible in the near future depends largely on the funding for research in this field.

While millions of dollars are sent for different enterprises and various endeavors, the field of cold fusion remains largely outlawed since 1989. Thankfully, there have been a number of people who decided to disobey the ruling scientific committees and the like and go their own, the way of studying cold fusion further and thanks to these individuals and groups of individuals the technology (that was once only theoretical) advanced quite some. While not everybody agrees that the technology has become practical, but it’s hard to deny the developments made so far on various fronts, including by Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat device.

The truth be told, there have been quite a few who have not bought into the developments related to the technology of Andrea Rossi; they still doubt the workability of the Energy Catalyzer device. And it’s hard to judge these for doubting, since so far no customer has identified himself and there is at least half a year or so before the domestic pieces of 10 kW will hit the market large-scale. Until then Rossi won’t be letting his Cat out of the bag, as he is convinced to keep his technology to himself until it is finally patented and thus protected.

On the other hand, even though Rossi is the only who can boast (no matter how tentatively) a functional cold fusion apparatus, the technology is capable of developing independently and without his input (although his input so far has been incredibly great). It’s not only capable of developing, it is actually developing with quite a few scientists beginning to either wake up to the possibilities of LENR or come out in the open with their assumptions and suppositions and convictions.

If it is indeed so, then there is hardly any limit that can be imposed on the technology that is virtually infinite, especially if we take into consideration that it is fueled by nickel, the fifth most common element on the planet. As such, it becomes very hard to even imagine what is potentially possible with the full-fledged arrival of Rossi Energy Catalyzers or any other LENR-run devices onto the scene currently torn between oil wars by power and money mongers.

Whenever you turn the news on, you see countries that suffer under the burden of corrupted governments and politicians and warlords, who couldn’t care less for people they swore allegiance to. With LENR things like these may gradually come to an end, where people won’t have to hunger and thirst, where production and transportation costs will be reduced and clean water will be available worldwide, where deserts will be given livable conditions.

A reality that you and I will witness in the months and years to come, a reality that is up to us, as humanity.

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  1. Good analysis, just forgetting Defkalion that seems to have overtaken Rossi.
    As is saying a good French Army advertising, it needs an army to make one plane fly.
    Rossi played it like Rambo (In a way he is very American).
    Defkalion played it like French army… no individuality, planning, procedures, methods, few controlled communication, and some passion at the local level.

    LENR have good characteristic to fight against corruption, since it is not based on rare resource and geopolitical battle to control it.

    in rich countries (are we still rich in occident???) we can still play the frightened green virgin with precautionary principle, but as the American pioneer knows, if you don’t advance, you die. And Greece is at the front of the titanic, maybe the first to see the precautionary iceberg and to jump before the underdevelopment wreckage.

    we have to remind that in a time, Turkey (Ottoman empire) was the most developed part of the world.

    • Interesting analysis.
      Who do you see playing the role of the Ottoman empire in the case of LENR devices?

      • Ottoman empire today is the Occident, Europe and US, even if US is a bit different (socially more like an emerging country, or in fact a social emulsion, many countries in one).

        this empire started to decay much before WW1, and basically the discovery of america killed it’s monopoly on asian products…

        todays spices/silk is energy , and occident control the oil producers,or have found oligopolistic alternative sources (nuclear energy).

        China is menacing technology monopoly of occident, by it’s dynamic research and nationalism, and LENR menacing the geopolitical energetic advantage.
        LENR will save the Muslim world from the influence of Saudi, and from the oily Iran war. it will save Africa, and Asia from oily corruption…
        it won’t solve all, since to take advantage of LENR for farming, clean water, urban transports, there is a need of a “demand for cleanness”… but at least is the tools for cleanness are not expensive, and the foreign corruptors are not interested to corrupt here, then the local “good vibrations” can have a chance to win.

        there will still be problems because of mineral resources (not nickel, too few needs), like cobalt, tantalum, (Kivu nightmares), Lithium, Copper, phosphate, …

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