Are Plasma Engines Anywhere In The LENR Future?

Recently, on his blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi recently referred his readers to a posting by Prof. Santar Hajra titled “Some Experiments That Shook the World”. This prompted a posting by a contributor who calls himself Adrian Monk, referring Rossi to information on a Noble Gas Plasma Engine.

The writeup referred to is on Seri-Worldwide, and has some very fascinating information about an alternative engine that has no intake or exhaust. This two cylinder engine is supposed to be displayed and demonstrated on December 11 at the Power-Gen Conference in Orlando, Florida. There will be several different displays there.

Inteligentry will have a display at the conference. They will demonstrate their Plasmic Transition Process™ engine. PlasmERG will also have a demonstration. It appears from the two websites that these may actually be the same company – the sites are set up exactly the same way, and both tout the Plasmic Transition Process™. While this is not a proven technology, it is indeed interesting that all kinds of engines are appearing claiming to run on little to no fuel, with little to no emissions.

The plasma engine is said to have no exhaust, so that it can run indoors. The two cylinder engine to be demonstrated is projected to run for 1.5 years, continuously, on just the first charge of noble gas. The Seri site says that one of these engines has been running for that period of time in Michigan, already. At the conference, they also hope to have a 4 cylinder engine to display, and there are supposed to be plans for a 6 cylinder in August of next year.

Andrea Rossi himself has said that there will be many imitators and copycats, although these don’t appear to be copies of any kind of LENR technology. In fact, if these engines are legitimate, it could be that they could be integrated with Hot Cats and E-Cats in order to create an even more powerful unit.

In fact, fusor devices may be useful in each of the units, considering the need to keep the heat more evenly distributed through the power generation. Keeping the plasma field off of the sides of the reactors is important for maintaining even heating. It will be interesting to see if there is truly any authentic science involved with these engines.

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  1. Have you actually looked at ? It looks like it was written by someone with some intellectual problems.

    • There are many theories debated on JONP. This is one of them.

      True, it might be just another random theory thrown out there, or it could determine a different approach towards LENR and energy future. Just because something sounds a bit crazy, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

  2. I’ve been following Inteligentry’s/PlasmERG’s noble gas engines for almost a year. The thing that I like is that they are supposed to demonstrate a working engine/generator set next week at Orlando’s Power-Gen show. It’s a sort of “rubber hits pavement” moment. They will either:

    1) Not show up and claim last minute problems,thus perpetuating a scam

    2) Show up, but display the machine under such controlled conditions that nobody will be sure if the thing works, thus perpetuating a scam. I tend to believe that this is the likely outcome.

    3) Show up and display an engine/generator set in such a way that experts can examine it closely enough to prove that it works. This would totally change the world and it’s the outcome that I pray for, but don’t expect to see.

    If outcome #3 happens, Rossi better get off his A$$ and “show us the beef”, because nobody will give a damn about his e-cat otherwise.

  3. The claims of Plasmerg/Intelligentry are remarkable and based on the equally remarkable and very short lived Papp engine. They put off a public demonstration early last fall because of difficulties that apparently included investors being unable to duplicate/build and operate their training engines. Their communications appear to acknowledge numerous tweaks due to issues as their suppliers produced parts. They claim to be ale to use plastic in the pistons as the ‘heat’ is almost nonexistent and claim the engines need no additional cooling. I’m not sure what the connection between LENR & these Plasma engines would be. The early fall release of their poppers was extremely disappointing. Hopefully, they are production ready as claimed. Then you would see the story covered world wide. Here’s looking forward to their unveiling.

  4. I was headed to Power Gen 2012 this morning and this company(ies) does not appear on the exhibitor list.

  5. They are listed under PTP licensing LTD.

  6. I have followed this technology for a few years and am not impressed by the company’s track record. Even Sterling Allen has recently suggested that they are probably not legit. In response John Rohner went ballistic on him. Not a good sign.

  7. Even Sterling Allan doesn’t give it much hope. The exhibition is now open and I haven’t seen a thing about it.

    ” Inteligentry Poised for Egg-on-the-Face at Power-Gen

    While no one would be more pleased to see a successful demonstration of a noble gas engine at the Power-Gen conference in Florida from Dec. 11-13 than I would, I predict no such demo, with John Rohner giving some kind of excuse, which maybe half of his followers will accept and remain supportive.”

  8. While I suspect the Original Papp Process may have used LENR
    to initiate standard Fission gain from radioactive isotopes with
    all of fission’s drawbacks, these are nowhere to be found in the
    PTP process. Unfortunately apparently not present as well, is
    any of the fission’s energy gain. This opinion is based on my
    analysis of early returns from the Power_Gen 2012 conference.

    See: Defkalion claims a standard arc is the catalyst in their
    LENR process. Also; Browns gas claims can be used to
    decontaminate nuclear waste.


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