E-Cat Plants – 1 MW, 15 MW And Now 45 MW. Could Rossi Go Even Bigger?

Andrea Rossi has shown the public and the interested community that he tries to push all boundaries when it comes to the implications of LENR technology. He has been experimenting ever since the introduction of his first E-Cat module which culminated with an unveiling of his first E-Cat plant at the end of October 2011, when the first plant of 1 MW was demonstrated in front of various specialists and representatives of universities and institutions.

Everybody wishes there would be more public details concerning the E-Cat plants that have already been ordered by the initial customer of Rossi. What’s known is that the customer is American and that is a military establishment, and they might have ordered 11 more plants for an overall of 12 MW power.

That is not, however, the largest E-Cat unit. It might be the largest yet – which according to Rossi comments – is nearing its completion and shipping to the customer’s premises, but an even larger plant was discussed, following the negotiations with Siemens AG, whose turbine the inventor would like to use for the production of electric energy within and with his E-Cat plants. He announced that a 15 MW plant was discussed, which is hoped to be able to produce electricity, feeding its own working modules at the same time.

Of course, this is only the beginning of the story for Rossi’s E-CAT plants for industrial use. On March 9th an interesting comment gave yet another twist to the whole story, as Rossi spoke of a 45 MW unit, where 15 MW units will produce electricity and 30 MW – heating. The 15 MW are to be spread in two, where 7.5 is used for the purpose of feeding the Catalyzers and the other 7.5 will be able open for sales.

With infinite potential COP and costs that would have a good return on investment should this large 45 MW E-Cat plant prove efficient, a new LENR chapter is being written as we speak.

In the comments left on the JONP since then, there are additional details of a bigger and better E-Cat plant. More importantly, however, would be the gained global benefits of the 45MW plant:

A 45 MW Rossi heat and power plant would incur considerable heat energy losses and pipeline costs in distributing heat over a large area to thousands of individual houses. But there are many centralized residential, commercial, and university communities that currently use central heat and cooling plants powered by coal or natural gas. These communities would be natural first candidates for the 45MW Rossi Ni-H heat and power plant with its ultra low $.00435995687 per kWh combined heat and electricity capital costs, negligible Ni-H “fuel” costs, and zero emissions.

Zero emissions is really the bottom line issue. Pollution from fossil fuels and nuclear fission energy is rapidly destroying our world. The Ni-H energy revolution has arrived in just the nick of time, and fortunately it is already much less expensive than fossil fuel and nuclear fission energy…. Infinitely less expensive really….

How close to reality do you believe this forecasted future scenario is?

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  1. What I see here are progressively more grandiose claims, without ever really proving the basic concept. We have no proof that a single ecat module works. Bombarding is with claims about a million home ecats, a robotized factory, 15 MW and 45 MW ecats etc…. do nothing but obscure the fact that there is no proof. Cool-Aid for the Cool-Aid drinkers. The time for mere talk is long gone. Where’s “the beef”, Andrea?

  2. Theoretically, there no limits for this at the manner
    of parallel supercomputing or the LTD fusion pulsed
    Machine of the Sandia Lab.

  3. !
    A factory that does not exist?
    A device that LOLOLOLOl that does not exist?
    A guy that keeps talking about a “better non existant device that
    could be improved upon should it ever exist?”
    I sold a device to a person who does not exist?
    YADA YADA TO the nth power

  4. re: “Pollution from fossil fuels and nuclear fission energy is rapidly destroying our world. “……….


    America and the Western World are doing a great job handling pollution from fission; you might want to knock on the Communist and 3rd World countries that routinely pollute rivers, oceans and streams.

    Btw, the largest polluter in America is the Federal Government, Defense Department and local sewage systems. The technology to clean up this stuff has been around for 40 years, but the political accountability has not been there.

    Take your radical environmentalism (with no attribution, no facts) somewhere else, E-cat Report.

  5. A careful reading of this article does not reveal one fact…merely speculation, and the uncorroborated word of someone that has not provided any accountability for his past claims.

  6. greenhouse gas emissions are natural. if you want to stop greenhouse gas, stop breathing, you’re exhaling carbon dioxide, which is natural.

    Your article, as published, did not cite any attribution for your claims.

    There is no shortage of oil; USA has provable reserves that will take us 200+ years to burn up.

    When environmentalists no longer drive cars, fly airplanes or consume plastics and grow your own food on your own plot of land (thus not using any diesel fuel to truck to your local grocery store) then you can preach about “conserving” and “alternate energy”. There is no alternative to natural gas and oil, even after E-cat is developed. There is no way E-cat will power a 747, power a huge ship, or blast a rocket into space…maybe in 10 years but not in the near future. Additionally, environmentalists need to stop using all the products that are derived from oil, including the shirt on your back, the clothes in your closet and the plastics that are used daily. When environmentalists stop using oil and it’s products and byproducts then we’ll listen to your gloom and doom scenarios.

    E-cat will be a great for heating and generating electricity, and it will lower the oil so more poor people can live like Westerners. There are huge oil deposits that Brazil has found, oil shale here in North America and new technology like fracking is getting and oil and natural gas that has not been possible before.

    You want to know who spills more oil ? Nature. Oil seepage from the ocean bottom is NATURAL. And God created the oceans to be a magnificant cleaning agent, even cleaning up after the BP oil spill, caused by lack of Federal oversight (because they are incompetent) and because the oil workers were intimidated to contact regulators, since the Government doesn’t protect whistle blowers.

    Also, global warming is natural, and a check of ocean temperatures the last dozen years prove that the earth is largely “cooling”.

    Btw, what caused “global warming” during the medieval period, when Nordic guys were farming in Greenland??

    Warming and oil and natural gas and carbon dioxide are all natural and created by our magnificant God, who created an entire universe that reflects His power, majesty and intelligence.

    • “Your article, as published, did not cite any attribution for your claims.”
      There are no claims whatsoever in the article. There is a short overview of potential implications of LENR devices (specifically, of Andrea Rossi’s e-cat) and a quote from someone who shares his opinion about the device.

  7. Here’s my source for documenting that America has a 200 year supply of oil reserves, using technology that exists today. Most of today’s oil reserves were not even known 20 years ago, because of old technology. As technology advances, Mankind is able to locate and extract more and more natural oil reserves, thus guaranteeing mankind a long term, steady supply of oil at free market prices.

    “The reality is that the U.S. has enough recoverable oil for the next 200 years, despite only having 2 percent of the world’s current proven oil reserves.” (Emphasis added.)
    –Institute for Energy Research (IER).


  8. This article contained this CLAIM:” Pollution from fossil fuels and nuclear fission energy is rapidly destroying our world. ”

    When including a unsubstantiated claim, from a source that is quoted, affects the credibility of the article, the editor, author and entire publication.

    unsubstantiated claim, yup.

    till next week, dowdaytrader

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