LENR Actually Made the US News & World Report

For years, as Andrea Rossi, Sergio Focardi, Michael McKubre, Eugene Mallove, Stanley Pons and, to the end, Martin Fleischmann persevered in the study and development of cold fusion, those interested in the subject have jealously followed their progress, wondering why the mainstream media has not picked up on the amazing development of this planet-saving science. The usually reason have always surfaced – the mainstream media doesn’t want to be embarrassed by reporting on a pseudo-science with no actual merit.

However, the work of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons has continued, although, at time in secrecy. The stigma of electrochemical alchemistry has cost many world-renowned scientists their careers, and yet, they have persevered in studying the low energy nuclear reaction that many said doesn’t even exist.

Just as scientists of old were stigmatized for trying to create an element – gold – from other materials, modern day scientists have been stigmatized for trying to create a nuclear reaction where no one else believed possible – in a test tube. Fleischmann himself said, albeit jokingly, that if it couldn’t be done in a test tube, it didn’t count.

Now, perhaps the US News and World Report has the scoop of the century. While it has not come out and reported on Andrea Rossi’s Hot Cat and the two independent validations that have just taken place, the news agency does report rather favorable on the subject of LENR in general.

Reporter Jeff Nesbit in his article, “New Burst of Energy Could Bring Cold Fusion to Front Burner”, says that, “After decades of wandering in the scientific wilderness cold fusion may be returning to the land of the acceptable.”

In his article, he mentions prestigious institutions that have continued studies of LENR, such as MIT, the university of Bologna, the University of Missouri, National Instruments, NASA, and the European Commission.

“…near the top of the cold fusion research community’s hit parade are musings from NASA, like the fact that the agency apparently filed two LENR-related patents last year (emphasis added) and that a leading NASA scientist has indicated that LENR is real enough to pay attention to and study. Boeing and NASA may even be testing aircraft using LENR or other similar concepts (emphasis added).”

Although cautiously reported, the subject of LENR, in a positive light, is still a major step forward. Just wait ‘till they get word of Rossi’s Hot Cat and the independent validations that have taken place, and come to understand exactly what that means!

The reporter does have a good grasp of the meaning of this type of alternative energy:

“The benefits of LENR would be obvious: It would be green, safe, and carbon-free, capable of cheaply replacing current energy sources. The most common experimental LENR tests use nickel and hydrogen – the most abundant metal and gas on Earth – in a non-combustion process to allegedly form copper plus energy. The promise alone is almost certainly why reputable, big players are at least paying attention now.”

Nesbit does go on to issue a disclaimer about the substantiated reality of LENR, just to be safe. Yet, the main gist of the article is quite positive and hopeful.

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