The NDA Bummer

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, or MFMP, is working with the Celani LENR technology to develop alternative energy in the name of one of the men who first discovered cold fusion. While Martin Fleischmann and his fellow scientist, Stanley Pons, were ruined in the scientific community because of their claims, MFMP is striving, and succeeding, to carry on the experiments and development made possible through better understanding of LENR.

MFMP, using the Celani model for LENR, has had some success in creating an excess of energy. Furthermore, they report that the results have been duplicated by a third party.

This was the biggest problem for Fleischmann and Pons to begin with. The rush to presentation of their theory, pushed by the University, meant that their studies and models were not made public until after their demonstration. Other scientists, apparently with the opinion that all they needed was a concept with no design, were unable to replicate the results. This, nonsensically, meant that F&P must have been wrong – not the copycats.

Celani has released slides that show that his results have been duplicated by an electronics manufacturer. While this is good news, MFMP thought they had a non disclosure agreement concerning the material, and had not released the information themselves. The spokesman for MFMP said, in E-Cat World, that they had known about the results of the third party replication for weeks, but thought they weren’t supposed to make it public.

In an academic arena of open ideas and sharing of technology, an NDA is surprising. So how is it that Rossi’s NDAs in a commercial arena are so criticized?

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  1. I don’t believe that MFMP had any formal NDA with anyone. They were just respecting Celani and letting him announce his news when HE was ready.

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