Conspiracy Theories, E-Cat And Petroleum

Andrea Rossi, inventor of the E-Cat power unit, is not a conspiracy theorist. That doesn’t, however, mean that conspiracies don’t exist, or that big oil has not had its influence on economics and consumers.

One of the biggest scandals behind fossil fuels and proponents is the Great American Streetcar Scandal of the 1940s. Not to dig anything up, but this shows the extremes that industries will go to in promotion of their own products.

One of the biggest problems in urban America today is the availability of public transportation. Most people drive their own cars, adding to emissions and paying outrageous prices for parking spaces. One great anticipation concerning the E-Cat technology is that perhaps in the near future autos can be powered by this long-lasting, emission free energy source.

However, public transportation in urban America was not always nonexistent. In the 1930s, most big cities in the U.S. had streetcars and electric trains. Two of the biggest streetcar companies in the country started, in 1936, to buy all of the streetcar lines in the country – and almost succeeded. The National City Lines and Pacific City Lines bought over 100 streetcar and electric train companies, spanning 45 cities. These two companies then proceeded to close all 100 streetcar lines, and started using buses, instead.

National City Lines and Pacific City Lines were funded by GM, Standard Oil of California, Mack Trucks, Firestone Tire, and Phillips Petroleum. In fact, GM and some of the other companies were convicted in 1949 of conspiring to monopolize the sale of buses. With the decline of public transportation, GM and other companies saw their automobile sales and sales of fossil fuels skyrocket.

While other factors did contribute to the decline of rapid transit in urban America, the success of automotive manufacturers and oil companies in shaping the future of the country is well documented.

This, obviously, gives enough room for conspiracy theorists to say that there will be troubles in certification of E-Cat technology simply because of pressure from powerful lobbies that will not go away, but leaving this aside, eventually the energy market requests should decide, don’t you think?

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  1. The manipulation of public awareness and sentiment by the US news services is self evident to almost anyone who bothers to watch almost any other group, even the BBC of England, the news service of our closest ally.
    Add in the fact that the US government can imprison literally any veteran for leaking ‘classified’ information and that fact that it makes millions of pages of documents classified every year based on the questionable judgement ‘public’ employees.
    Then consider the billions of dollars corporations have in profits that they can now funnel to politicians as ‘citizens’
    Mix in the possibility that LENR has been shown to be capable of explosive energy distribution.
    And it’s of little surprise that multiple small minded and self serving individuals will present LENR as too dangerous to be publicly available once their wall of denial that it even exists crumbles.
    The future widespread dissemination of an an inexpensive power source will likely continue as an underfunded underground movement. There is no reasonable excuse for LENR to not have been embraced and heralded as a huge breakthrough for the last 25 years never mind the last year. News of open demonstrations of LENR in classrooms and international conferences should be openly embraced with significant funding in multiple labs throughout. Broullion’s public reports confirming cause and effect reactions according to theory should be resulting in massive efforts to wean the world economy away from fossil fuels.
    What have we seen? The republican party is reiterating its drill baby drill and more tax breaks for the oil industry. The democratic party at the presidential level blithely advocates further tax credits for wind power and billion dollar grants for hot fusion.
    Is there a conspiracy of silence? My god how can one deny it!

  2. There will always be a government somewhere who will want to use this tech as a competitive advantage.

  3. There are many states on the planet who’s sole economic livelihood depends on fossil fuels. Huge states. Powerful states. States with histories of subterfuge, strong-arm persuasion and outright oppression. If these states EVER thought that their sole lifeline – fossil fuels – could be jeopardized, they would not hesitate to act to secure their economic future. The fact that Rossi still lives and breathes is blatant evidence that he is no threat to the fossil fuel industry. Now that is a conspiracy theory.

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