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There are skeptics and detractors who have repeatedly discounted the proofs that Andrea Rossi’s E-Cats actually work. So, what exactly are the characteristics of a scientific test? Surprisingly, the characteristics of a scam are similar to the characteristics of a religious cult. A frequent on Andrea Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics, Hank Mills, recently made some very good points about the characteristics of the testing done on the E-Cat.


Does the invention utilize existing technology? One of the characteristics of a cult or a scam is that the presenter claims to have a new revelation available only to himself. However, the fusion that occurs with nickel and hydrogen has been well documented long before Rossi’s involvement in the research. It has also been clear that heat is produced from the reaction. Cold Fusion and LENR technology are well established technologies that have been under the scrutiny of scientists and inventors alike. The significance of this is that Rossi has not produced some new technology that no one has ever seen, made it do a trick, and said, “See, it works!”


Andrea Rossi is not the only scientist working on LENR technology. He has plenty of competition, which demonstrates that this is an open market waiting for the first person to cinch the sale.

Not only are there many scientists and inventors involved in the development of LENR and cold fusion,  but there have been many scientists and physicists involved in the testing of Rossi’s unit. The multiple tests, while not attended by the major media outlets, were also not conducted in secrecy, with a few “cult members” in attendance to act as witnesses.

The engineer for the military customer, as noted by Mills, was entirely satisfied with the results of the tests he observed. Those present at the tests were Christos Stremmenos, a member of the board of directors of one of Rossi’s competitors, Profs. Levi and Ferrari from the University of Bologna, Dr. Sergio Focardi, as well as representatives of several media outlets such as Focus, Radio 24, and  Mats Lewan of NyTecnic from Sweden. There were many other people present, as well, including amateur and professional scientists from around the world. Of the 4 professional scientists present, 3 of them gave positive statements regarding the success of the tests, and the fourth scientist was skeptical. Three of the amateur scientist present, Horace Heffner, David Roberson, and Bob Higgins, also noted the success of the tests in producing excessive amounts of heat, with Heffner somewhat skeptical about the heat measurement methods.


Rossi’s E-Cat is not just a one trick pony. The E-Cat continues to evolve as Rossi and his team improve it, and various tests on steam production, on hot water production, gains and losses of energy, and phase changes are constantly being performed. If this were a scam or cult, Rossi would have produced one instrument and claimed his fame, just as a cult leader would claim his revelation as sufficient proof.


A scammer or cult leader does not allow any kind of variation of the message or the product. The old joke, “What you see is what you get” is the standard of operation. Rossi, on the other hand, has continued to produce different models of his invention – and they all work. According to Mills,

“The first E-Cat units were large, with a reactor core of one liter, Then smaller ones were made with reactor cores of 50cc. These were tested as well, and proven to work. Later on, the modules for the one megawatt plant were built that utilized flat plate reactor cores. They also produced exceed power. It seems like every design of the E-Cat just works, despite the changes made.”

A scam would not produce multiple variations of working models.


With a scammer, just as with a cult leader, no outside experts are allowed access. No one has to take Rossi’s word for anything. Even the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Energy have either performed tests or been participants in tests that confirm the energy gains of the E-Cat. Other experts in LENR and cold fusion have been present at the tests, and confirm the results.

In an American court of law, a defendant must be convicted beyond “any reasonable doubt.” In school, this was explained to us this way: Anybody, by any stretch of the imagination, can conjure a doubt about proof that has been presented. However, this is not a “reasonable doubt”. A reasonable doubt is based on the presence – or absence – of concrete evidence.

Rossi has produced concrete evidence of the success of his E-Cat, beyond all “reasonable doubt”. The skeptics can remain skeptical, if they wish, but we’re going to buy an E-Cat when it hits the market.

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  1. The people, who don’t want the cold fusion research and application will always call for scientific testing of E-Cat for to cover the fact, they did evade the testing the very similar technology of Piantelli and Focardi for twenty years. Or does the COP over six make so big difference from the COP = 3?

  2. The one who defends his production-line in the market , is a natural sceptic to cold fusion / LENR.
    First he needs to motivate many solist-singers for his chorus of denial -
    But what is his second line of defence – if he hires soldiers ?

    It´s a lot of money that they seem, they are going to loose -
    But if established products in the market are receiving an efficency-boost from the ecat, or the energy-companies gain their profits with it, this game will find its way to a happy-end.

    Regards from Germany

  3. A high COP is not all that matters. In Rossi’s system he produces a COP of 6, which is already very high. However, he can also produce a COP of 6 at HIGH TEMPERATURES (critical for conversion of heat to electricity) and at kilowatt levels (a COP of 1000 would be meaningless if you were talking about milliwatts). No one else has been able to address all these issues.

  4. There is a big mistake here, Rossi, until now, could not proof anything. What we have here are a lot of Rossi posts and we can’t separate the truth from his lies.

    Your post: “Even the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Energy have either performed tests or been participants in tests that confirm the energy gains of the E-Cat. Other experts in LENR and cold fusion have been present at the tests, and confirm the results.”

    Is suitable to generate a lot of LOL, came on, do you think that in the world have so many silly guys to believe in so many false statements?

  5. The way to prove something is to let the device itself do the heavy lifting,
    since it supposedly can…This is especially true if you claim a finished product.
    Do something that no other device can do while showing that there are no
    strings attached. That is the nature of a scientific experiment too, though a
    scientific experiment is supposed to be physically elegant, reduced to it’s
    simplest forms so as to exclude easy alternative explanations.

    Too often it seems as if Rossi is doing the heavy lifting himself. If the educated
    public doesn’t believe the demo the first time them it will either have to be
    repeated or replaced and no-credibility the first time means you will have to
    reestablished it the second. Furthermore it sets the standard for what the
    inventor thinks is going to be sufficient to prove a working device. Hopefully
    the new device will be too inconvenient to restart so that Rossi will be forced
    to show the device operating for extended periods of time emitting relatively
    large amount of energy. The key is to have the device operating away from
    its margins so that the result can be considered *unequivocal*.


  6. In the responses to the online article “Rossi Provides More Information on High Temperature E-Cat Testing” by Hank Mills in the “E-Cat World” webpage, Mr. Mills replies (in one of his responses): “The low temperature one megawatt plants have been certified from what Rossi has said.”

    If this is correct, couldn’t that be independently verified? Is it a matter of public record? This would be evidence that some real progress is occurring.

    • It’s easy to say something is certified if it is sold only to a “secret” customer!
      Who can never verify it!

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