Shale Oil And The U.S.

The vast deposits of shale oil in the United States have breathed new life into the American oil industry. Through “fracking”, oil companies can liquefy the oil in shale and bring it to the surface. This is a controversial procedure that involves explosions, but the estimate is that there is more shale oil underground in the continental U.S. than there ever was liquid oil to begin with.

If this is the case, and American oil companies are allowed to withdraw this oil from the ground, it could mean another financial boom for the U.S. Our economy is so dependent on the cost of oil that when we have high gas prices, we automatically go into an economic recession.

How does this relate to LENR, and Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat? Heat is the main relationship. The fracking is done by raising the heat of the shale, causing it to fracture into gas, oil, and various solids. According to Steven Karels, a frequent poster to Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics, this occurs at around 500 degrees Centigrade, or 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

This provides a great opportunity for the oil industry to benefit from an alternative source of energy – the Hot Cat. It has been suggested from the beginning that the fossil fuel industry could save a great deal of money by using LENR power in its refineries and plants. By doing so, not only would the cost of operations go down, but they would also have more of their own product to put on the market, since they are not consuming the coal, oil, or gas themselves. Using LENR in the oil fields is just another application for the technology, now made possible by the existence of the Hot Cat.

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  1. Sorry to say – this is about 8 steps backwards!

    In fact – this seems to contradict the entire basis of the E-CAT in the first place! Solving our energy crisis by looking into other fossil fuels – no matter how abundant they may seem now – is just asking for more trouble. Hydraulic fracking is a MASSIVELY destructive process – with repercussions we still don’t even know the total extent of to this day after decades of practice – and full scale investment into this will mean a point of no return resulting in massive widespread illnesses, cancer and death; and the worst scenario of all – corrupted water sources from which there is pretty much no return.

    We need to focus on the future of energy production, not the past (fossil fuels)! This is the 21st century for god sake! This is exactly the mentality that kept Tesla stowed away from revolutionising our entire planet – we must stop this now before it’s too late (If it isn’t already)!

    You. Cannot. Drink. Oil!!!

  2. The author has apparently completely confused “tight oil” (that which can be found and extracted from shale formation by fracking but WHICH IS ALREADY OIL from “shale oil” which is not oil but is, in fact, kerogen. This mineral requires vast energy input in the form of heat to turn it into a fossil fuel. Using present technologies, the energetic, financial, and environmental costs are severe.

    I assume that it’s this latter mineral that the author is relating to the e-cat. But fracking is not involved. Confusion at this basic level detracts from any credibility in the claims.

  3. I agree with the two posters above–LENR could easily replace coal and petroleum in all applications except where the carbon is needed for petrochemicals.

    Consider how wonderful it would be to drive into a big city that isn’t congested with the exhaust products of internal combustion engines! That would be the case if Hot Cats were coupled to any modern steam engine to provide the motive power in automobiles, trucks, and trains.

    Space heating for buildings in the city would be provided as byproduct energy from generating the electricity needed for the city.

    But you say the UHI would go up with all these LENR devices? Not any more than the heat generated by the fuel sources currently used. The only downside would be that atmospheric concentrations of CO2 would decline and our biosphere would decline along with it.

    You say that would help reduce global warming? What global warming?–the earth’s temperature hasn’t increased in 16 years and scientists not inculcated with AGW propaganda are projecting a 30-year cooling trend.

    So forget the fossil fuel application of LENR. Besides, the moment LENR is accepted through verified demonstartion (will 2013 be that year?), petroleum and other carbon-based fuels will go into significant price declines because analysts will recognize LENR as the energy paradigm of the future. And it won’t take long to switch from petrol/coal/gas to to the Hot Cat.

  4. Oil is a finite resource and will eventually be depleted. If Big Oil would have access and could make use of LENR to lengthen fossil fuel dependence for a bit longer, they would do it, don’t you think?

    • That is correct – but then we are just delaying the inevitable and further mass destruction of this home of ours. Drilling as it is for oil is bad enough, but throw in the hydraulic fracturing aspect – you have pretty much a key for annihilation.

      Once our water is corrupted – it is gone.

      This is the thing that must be known: humans need water to survive – not oil, or gas – or coal. In this century we need to aim higher, get out of the ground and start thinking to the stars and future. Fossil fuels are so last industrial revolution! They are the reason for wars and massive greed the world over, so it’s pretty logical that a lot of the world’s problems would be solved through the non-reliance/non-dependence on these now ancient means of energy generation – no matter how much more ‘clean burning’ some of them may be – we need zero emission and renewable, and we need it now!

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