Update On Certification Status of E-Cats

It seems that once Andrea Rossi succeeded in getting his E-Cat to work, development of new models just took off. There has even been some confusion as to which E-Cats are Hot, and which are not. So far, the list of E-Cat devices under certification are:

  • 10 kW original, low temperature for domestic use.
  • 10 kW Hot Cat, also for domestic use: currently under self-sustained studies and tests.
  • 1 MW original, low temperature for industrial use: already in production, with orders for at least 13 more units.
  • 1 MW Hot Cat, also for industrial use.

Rossi said on his Journal of Nuclear Science that he cannot give details about the certification processes for any of the 3 units undergoing testing, and he emphasized the priority of his devices being certified

First of all, the certification process must be completed in Europe or in the USA at least before we make an installation, and this is valid also for Africa: it is deonthologically unacceptable to install a not certified apparatus in a Country just because in that Country the safety issues are not addressed.

He also confirmed that the JONP will publish a full report on his E-Cats in September.

The report published in the JONP will be published after the conference in Zurich(stay tuned as the Zurich convention is right around the corner). The first to hear the report will be those attending the conference, and journalists present will have first access to the information. Once the report is published on the JONP, there will be no copyright on it, and Rossi and Leonardo Corp will allow it to be copied in whole or in part.

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  1. Crickets chirping.
    Never is a long time to wait!
    When Rossi gets his certification pigs will fly!
    We will be in the next century and Rossi will be long dead!
    See Keely.


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