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Comparative of Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuels are in the forefront of science and popular discussion, but just how do each of the different energies and fuels stack up against each other? According to New Scientist, not all…

E-cat Plant | Image courtesy of http://www.leonardo-ecat.com/

E-Cat Plants R&D Locations

Andrea Rossi, inventor of the Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat, has initially said that he would build a manufacturing facility in Italy, and perhaps another one in Sweden. However, due to recent issues with…

cold fusion generation

LENR, Cold Fusion and University Studies

With the latest fuss around the subject, one might think that low energy nuclear reaction, or LENR, would be a hot topic of study in universities all over the globe. While this is…

high speed trains

E-Cat and High Speed Trains

Nobody should deny the fantastic LENR potential anymore. Although there are many independent researchers who were able to produce excess energy from Low Energy Nuclear Reaction in theory, Rossi was the first able…


Rumor Mills Spread Words on Rossi’s Terminated Partnership with the University of Bologna

  Is it a coincidence that almost every time something arguable happens on the ECat front, the source of the news is Steven Krivit of New Energy Times? Now, once again, it’s him…

LENR Conference To Increase Credibility Of ECat

On December 2 in Rome, Italy, a LENR conference was held successfully. Dubbed as Coherence 2011, the said conference provided ten important presentations surrounding the (still) controversial technology.


ECat Report On Sven Kullander’s Lecture

An Ecat lecture was conducted a couple of days ago in front of a hundred people at Uppsala University in Sweden. The lecturer, Professor Emeritus of High Energy Physics Sven Kullander, talked about…

Christos Stremmenos says E-cat is a big step for humanity

Christos Stremmenos was interviewed in Bologna on October 6th where the last tests was conducted at Andrea Rossi’s facilities. The video emerged once again from the website Ecat.com . In the video Prof….

The Public’s View of the E-Cat and Andrea Rossi: E-Cat Poll – an August 2011 Vote Summary

  At the end of every month E-Cat Report publishes a summary of the results from the website ecatpoll.com. The purpose of the E-Cat Poll is to monitor the public’s view on the…

Open Letter Response From Defkalion on Rossi-Defkalion Controversy

In an open letter response directed to Hank Mills of PESN, Defkalion comments its position on the ongoing Rossi-Defkalion controversy. The statement below from Defkalion’s official spokesperson Symeon Tsalikoglou, was released today:

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